• Students and Workers Ending Racial Violence


    This group was made after a Ferguson solidarity protest in the Fall of 2014, because people felt the need for future action and wanted to take direct part in the shaping of their community. Since then we have grown and evolved, informed by our deep seated commitment to justice, to proactively and intersectionally addressing our communities relationship to private prisons, our complicity with police intervention, and the continuing vilifying and criminalization of the Black body.

    What are we committed to? We are committed to the protection and safety of Black youth, of Black women, of Black men, of Black trans folx (especially our trans sisters), and all those who make up the Black community. BLACK LIVES MATTER. This unequivocal statement stands in the face of systemic discrimination, incarceration, and execution. We are committed to changing this locally and joining others in demanding change on a societal scale.


    We as a community are dedicated to the dismantling of white supremacist power structures and therefore stand in full solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. This means we center Black lives and Black leadership, while offering any who ally with us for justice the opportunity to take a stand in our community. We will not condone any language, actions or behavior that encourage racism, homophobia, classism, transphobia, ableism, misogyny, Islamophobia, transmisogyny, xenophobia and any other forms of bigotry.




  • Demands

    What Kind of Future We Want To See

    WE DEMAND: the abolition of campus police.

    WE DEMAND: Hiring of more Black faculty across the different academic disciplines.

    WE DEMAND: UC Davis divest from companies directly and indirectly involved in the prison industry.

    WE DEMAND: that the number of Black faculty at UC Davis AT LEAST match the national percentage of Black people in the US population.

    WE DEMAND: that the University publish data on the homepage of the UCD website on the admission rates of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx students and disaggregates for race, gender, and class.

    WE DEMAND: that University of California Davis doubles the amount of Black students on our campus over the next three years, starting today, May 9th, 2016. The Department of Education reports the Black undergraduate population makes up just 2.1% of the student body. This is unacceptable.

    WE DEMAND: More funding for retention programs already in place at UC Davis. With a “normal time to completion” rate of 68%, Black students continue to face obstacles to their retention.

    WE DEMAND: that the UC system ‘ban the box’ on their job applications, and make a formal priority to hire formerly incarcerated people.

    WE DEMAND: The creation of a UC Davis Afro-House. Many Black students cannot afford to live in Davis with the high prices of rent. An Afro-house would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students, that would also serve as a safe space for Black Aggies to congregate and learn from each other.

    WE DEMAND: that all administrators be compensated at the same rate as workers. UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi currently receives a base salary of $413,916. When students and workers, particularly those who are Black and Brown, struggle to make ends meet this wage gap is not only immoral, it highlights the continued exploitation of students and workers for executive profit.

    WE DEMAND: An Ethnic Studies requirement for all students who attend UC Davis.

  • Why We Do What We Do

    Below you'll find a link to a history of discrimination in Davis over the past decade or so.

  • Projects

    Grassroots Change We Can Count On

    Disarm UCD

    ​Police Are Not Our Friends

    Campus police have taken lives across the country, and as we remember Sam Duboce we call for action. Disarming campus police and end the continued militarization of the University.

    Freedom School at PepperSpray U.

    Where We Teach Each Other

    "No one is going to give you the educaton you need to overthrow them" 

    -Assata Shakur


    Expanding our education beyond the classroom, the Freedom School encourages students and community members to speak about any topic connected to liberation, struggle, and how we can lift each other up.

    UCD Prison Divestment

    Fund Education And Communities, Not Prisons ​

    No school should participate in the incarceration of communities of color. No public education system should profit from the incarceration of students, their parents, or their friends. DSF supports the Afrikan Black Coalition's call to end our complicity in the private prison industry.


    Towards that goal, we have worked to pass a resolution calling for our student government and community to end their participation. Our year-long campaign passed a private prison divestment resolution through ASUCD (you can find it here). 


    This is a first step, but there are still over 425 million dollars invested by the UC Regents in Wells Fargo - a major funder of the prison industrial complex.

    Black Lives Matter: Art and Activism Show

    Bringing Art and Activism Together​

    This show brings awareness to the continued role of art in student and community activism in the Black Lives Matter movement; showcasing the way art can be mobilized to radically change our community.


    You can find out more about the show here.

  • Organizers

    B. Buchanan

    A BlaQ and genderqueer community organizer, B.B. works as a head steward for the UAW 2865 and co-organizer of SWERV

    Kyla Burke

    As a Black feminist community organizer, Kyla works to address anti-blackness, police violence, and systemic oppression in the Davis community.


    If you are ready to join the fight against anti-blackness in the Davis community.

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